CertifyID TLS / SSL Server Certificates

TLS and SSL Certificates are used to enhance the security over the IP networks (Internet and Intranet) implementing the TLS or SSL protocols, authenticating the servers or devices and encrypting its communications, using Public Key cryptography and digital signatures. When accessing a TLS/SSL-Protected Server the users will know that they are connecting to a genuine server, owned by the company providing the service, and that the data transferred between them and the server is confidential.

Starting November 1st, Google Chrome will no longer trust TLS server authentication certificates from Entrust or AffirmTrust roots by default.

Click here for a smooth and safe transition from Entrust to CertfyID.

20+ years of experience issuing digital identities

Our certification services are worldwide recognized by browsers and operating systems, and ensure a seamless user experience. Our PKI benefits from a long-standing Webtrust accreditation, obtained after the most rigorous independent audits

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Key Benefits

Picto SEAL SQ - ID generation & management

Centralized management

Thanks to the TLS/SSL portal, customers and resellers can manage all their certificates from a single interface, streamlining the renewal and other maintenance tasks.

Picto SEAL SQ - Open interfaces support

Enable automation


Our TLS / SSL Manager platform provides a REST API and support for the ACME protocol, which allow to automate the certificate life-cycle management.

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Pay-as-you-go approach

The TLS / SSL Manager platform can be used with extremely reduced initial costs. Customers can activate services and pay as they consume certificates, with no initial commitment

Picto SEAL SQ - Competitive

Trusted and reduced costs

Our TLS and SSL Certificates are trusted by operating systems, browsers and many other applications, ensuring a seamless user experience, thanks to our Webtrust accreditation (WISeKey). They come at the best price to reduce your operational costs.

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 B2B Managed PKI for TLS / SSL

As a corporate B2B service, the TLS Manager can allow the IT admin to access to the administration dashboard to manage digital certificates, bringing a low-cost and effective Managed PKI platform.


Partner & Reseller Program

Partners and resellers can benefit from a very convenient program that doesn't impose commitments and can help you to build new revenue streams


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Key Features

Picto SEALSQ -  Trusted worldwide & Ensure regulatory compliance

Managed PKI

Centralized management of digital certificates, without the hassle or building and maintaining a PKI.
Administrators can easily obtain digital certificates that can be easily installed on their servers

Picto SEAL SQ - Open interfaces support

Ready for Automation

The TLS Manager platform is the best solution for certificate life-cycle management and automation. A critical point as certificate lifetime tends to shorten while renewal tasks remain time-consuming.

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Trusted worldwide

Root Certification authority approved by Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Google, Adobe and many others.

Removes confusing security alerts and improves  user experience and trust

Picto SEAL SQ - Scalable

Scalable and flexible

The TLS Manager can be used by individual users and by companies or resellers needing to manage tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of users.
"Pay-as-you-go" business model to optimize your OPEX down to real needs.

Picto SEAL SQ -  interoperability


We support all common product types, such as Domain Validated (DV), Organization Validated (OV) and Extended Validated (EV).
We also support Multi-Domain and Wildcard Certificates.

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Flexible operational models

Available as Managed PKI or On-Premises model. Select the PKI solution that fits best with your needs, balancing cost effectiveness, security, and control.