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Consumer IoT Security Labels

A rapidly growing share of Consumer IoT Devices are required to comply with global industry standards for both interoperability and security purposes: SEALSQ offers all the products and services to achieve quick and cost effective compliance with major IoT standards.  

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Compliance to US Cyber Trust Mark and EU Cyber Resilience Act

This note features a detailed analysis of the compared requirements of NIST IR 8425 VS ETSI EN 303645 and how SEALSQ can help you reach compliance with your designs in record time and effort. 


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The rising trend of security and interoperability labels in Consumer IoT

Recently the FCC announced the “U.S. Cyber Trust Mark” initiative, a voluntary labeling program to increase product security awareness of consumer Internet of Things (IoT) based on NIST IR 8425 [i] .
A little earlier, the European Commission leveraged on ETSI EN 303 645 to propose the EU Cyber Resilience Act[i] with similar objectives. In parallel a growing number of consumer IoT players gather around interoperability standards like Matter for Smart Home devices.

Focus on your application, we take care of security !

Imagine a unique IoT security partner that takes care of everything so you can focus on your application and customers...

SEALSQ delivers fully integrated security solutions from accredited root-of-trust to secure chip: costs and simplicity are optimized with no intermediates in the value chain, and your product gets to market earlier thanks to shorter development and certification processes.

Our PKI as-a-Service comes with a convenient online interface and a flexible range of pre-provisioning options (Factory, Over The Air, Zero Touch...). It leverages the WISeKey root-of-trust that is Matter PAA accredited.

Our secure elements provide up to FIPS 140-3 certification level to your IoT products with State-of-the-Art CCEAL5+ tamper resistant hardware.

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