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Luxury and consumer goods industries are marketing intensive and particularly vulnerable to counterfeiting due to the high value and perceived exclusivity of the products. Luxury Brands have also recently engaged into the rising NFT trend.  SEALSQ is working with  luxury brands to transition their products into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as distinctive digital assets on the blockchain.

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The rise of NFTs in Luxury

NFTs are unique digital tokens symbolizing ownership or authentication of individual items. Each NFT is non-interchangeable, and has the potential to represent a wide range of assets from digital art to tangible luxury goods.
Most NFTs are rooted in platforms such as Ethereum, though others like Binance Smart Chain are also facilitating NFT transactions. These blockchains provide each NFT with a unique identity and ownership detail, eliminating chances of unauthorized duplications.

NFC chips create a Phy-Gital Bridge

SEALSQ offers a bridge between physical luxury goods and the digital universe. . It allows luxury brands to craft indelible NFTs  linked to a physical counterpart, meeting the digital inclinations of modern consumers.

Specifically, SEALSQ's VaultIC155 NFC chip can be incorporated into luxury items, ensuring secure authentication with an NFC reader. It enables brands to issue and check digital authenticity certificates, and to chase counterfeits. This was notably showcased in the collaboration with Dior who was among the first brands to integrate NFC chips for product authentication and unique consumer benefits.

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A major shift in luxury product authentication

Since its inception, SEALSQ has been at the vanguard of blending digital authentication with blockchain, notably safeguarding 2.5 million luxury timepieces. Using NFC tags embedding the VaultIC155 Secure Element enables brands not only to authenticate the product across the value chain but also to track its digital twin on the Blockchain.

Begin the transformation of a product into its digital twin through NFTs.

SEALSQ tags, reminiscent of an ePassport, can be attached to any luxury product to confirm and record the item's identity on the blockchain. This forward-thinking method has earned SEALSQ a US patent. Additionally, SEALSQ conceptualized the Product Birth Certificate, a digital marker similar to an item's origin certificate. It grants a strong digital identity to luxury products, presenting verifiable data throughout its existence.

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Linking an NFT to its tangible asset

Tokenizing valuable pieces of art, luxury goods, and collectibles is now a major trend facing a counterfeiting issue as thousands of illegitimate NFTs have flooded the market. Discover how you can bring trust to the tokenization process by personalizing the VaultIC155 to authenticate a physical asset with any smartphone, and create a verifiable, secure and everlasting bond with its virtual token. 


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