For the last 25 years, we have been developing secure semiconductor chips, secure embedded firmware, and trusted hardware provisioning services to serve the vision of a safer connected world.

Our Story

SEALSQ is one of the very few Semiconductors companies in the world capable of developing certified secure microcontrollers and implementing post-quantum cryptography. From Motorola, to Atmel Secure Microcontroller, Inside Secure and now within the WISeKey group, SEALSQ teams have a long history of developing secure hardware, firmware and trust services for a wide variety of customers across multiple industries.

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Over 130 security related patents, and now at the edge of quantum-proof cryptography.  

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25 years of product and market expertise to solve digital security challenges  

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SEALSQ is one of the only digital security companies providing all the bricks to build a complete trust framework.

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Tailor made solutions and support for integration and fast time-to-market

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A global leader in security solutions

Thanks to our robust supply-chain, we have produced, provisioned, tested and delivered chips that have been installed into more than 1.6 BILLION devices of all kind across the world. We serve customers in more than 40 countries across all industries from large Electronic equipment manufacturers to Luxury consumer brands, and we partner with the largest Integrators or cloud providers.

Certified Products, Processes and Environment

Devices equipped with our chips are often selected and approved to secure military or government security applications. That is because our chips are designed, tested and produced using the highest standards of security, reliability and quality. We operate into certified environment and our products are compliant with the most demanding certification bodies in the world.

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End-to-End solutions

SEALSQ is one of the very few semiconductor companies that can not only provide the secure chips, but also provision them from factory, over the air, or on-premises with a secure and universally trusted digital identity. This identity can be created and managed throughout the device’s lifecycle using our SaaS Certificate Management System. Very few players can offer today such a vertical value proposition covering security from root-of-trust to cloud and from birth to end for any connected device.  

Innovation & Quantum

Throughout a quarter-century of operation, our company has filed over 130 patent applications. Our commitment to innovation, however, doesn't end there. Our dedicated research engineers are now designing and implementing post-quantum algorithms for our secure chips, to face the latest threats brought by Quantum Technology and Deep Learning together.

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A NASDAQ Listed Company

SEALSQ is now a public listed company at the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol LAES. 
CEO and Founder Carlos Creus Moreira joined by members of the board and executive team opened the trading day at the NASDAQ on May 26th to celebrate the successful introduction of the company.




Press Release

SEALSQ Launches SEALCOIN at Davos Event


"SEALCOIN, a digital token and an advanced cryptocurrency protocol (see video here). Pre-registration is available at SEALCOIN.AI. ..."


Press Release

SEALSQ has been Showcasing a Unique Integrated Solution for Matter Smart Home Devices at the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) Member Meeting Last November

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Press Release

SEALSQ to Launch a Dedicated Service Supporting OEMs Achieve Compliance with the “U.S. Cyber Trust Mark” Initiative



Press Release

SEALSQ Wins Cisco 2023 Supply Chain Security Champion Award

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SEALSQ Announces 9 Month 2023 Unaudited Revenue of 22.1 Million: a 20.4% Increase From the 9 Months 2022 Period.

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NASDAQ SEALSQ Rang the Nasdaq Opening Bell on May 26th, and very successfully started to trade under the ticker symbol $LAES