Supply chain & Logistics

SEALSQ solutions can solve many challenges across the supply chain: our secure IoT Satellite connectivity and our Secure IoT Beacon can help monitor parcels as they are being shipped around the globe across areas with no connectivity like oceans. Alternatively, Our secure NFC tag can create touchpoints at every scan along the supply chain, enabling full traceability as well as access to customer or after-sale service back end data.

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Make containers smarter

Smart containers are one way to create a more efficient, safer and more sustainable shipping supply chain.
Collecting data from sensors attached to containers can help optimise the supply chain by providing accurate information such as real-time location, allowing for optimised fleet management that results in less repositioning and more efficient use of fuel. Often, energy is wasted on shipping and repositioning empty containers: estimates suggest up to $20 billion a year is spent on this activity that leads to unnecessary fuel consumption. 
Smart containers are not the norm yet, but their numbers are growing following the pandemic and the massive supply chain disruptions we’re seeing. By the end of 2021, around 3.6% of the global container fleet was fitted with smart technology. And the smart container fleet is expected to grow eight-fold over the next five years. 

WISeSAT for Track & Trace of Smart Containers

Unique partner for e2e solution in house

  • Hardware
  • Software Platform
  • Firmware
  • Telecom Operator
  • Satellites Constellation
  • Secured Communication
  • Smart Containers (Fleet Management)
  • Optimize operations.
  • Optimize costs (communications/
  • insurances)
  • Auditability
SEALSQ smart logistic wisesat

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