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A complete set of ready-to-use secure elements that can be pre-personalized to easily implement embedded security for any application. 


Flexibility & Certified Security for Fast Time-to-Market

SEALSQ VaultIC range offers a complete set of ready-to-use secure elements designed to implement embedded security for any kind of device with fast time-to-market and high flexibility. Explore the product family or contact-us to find out which secure chip matches your needs. Every chip comes with a broad complementary software environment and the required development tool-kits to support an easy and cost-effective design process. All the VaultIC products can be delivered pre-personalized with keys and certificates using our Vault-I-Trust Saas portal.     

SEAL SQ Semiconductors IoT Secure Element Vault IC 408-2


This ready-to-use secure element for IoT offers FIPS 140-3 and CC EAL 5+ certified security for strong protection against the latest attack scenarios, and an extended feature set designed for a broad range of IoT use cases.


  • Hardware security level: CC EAL5+
  • Software Security level: FIPS140.3 CMVP Level 3
  • File System size: 16 KB
  •  Communication: I2C, SPI, USB, 5 GPIO
  • Cryptography: ECC (572 bits), AES, DES, 3DES
  • Digital Signature: DSA/ECDSA 
SEAL SQ semiconductors secure element VaultIC 292 UDFN8-2


Cost effective secure element designed to efficiently enable secure authentication of objects and TLS connection to cloud.


  • Hardware security level: CC EAL4+ ready
  • Software Security level: RNG compliant with NIST SP 800-90A/B/C
  • File System size: 2KB (static)
  •  Communication: I2C
  • Cryptography: ECC (256 bits) 
  • Digital Sign: ECDSA                     
SEAL SQ Semiconductors Secure Element Vault IC 18X DFN6-2


Certified Secure chip designed to enable Device-to-Host authentication by contact for anti-counterfeiting applications (Ex: Chargers, Batteries, Toner Cartridges…)


  • Hardware security level: CC EAL4+
  • File System size: 1.5KB
  •  Communication: I2C (VaultIC183) / OWI (VaultIC186)
  • Cryptography: ECC up to 283 Bits
SEAL SQ Semiconductors Secure Element Vault IC 155


The most secure NFC tag available on the market with CC EAL4+ level hardware security. Designed to authenticate products, improve traceability, and protect owner data privacy while enabling all kinds of advanced direct-to-consumer digital marketing services. Ideally suited to link NFTs to their related physical assets (art pieces, collectibles etc.)


  • Hardware security level: CC EAL4+  
  • File System size: 1.5KB
  • Communication: NFC (Iso14443B, NDEF)
  •  Cryptography: ECC up to 303 bits
  • Typical use: NFC tags for anti-counterfeiting
    Compatible with blockchain applications (NFT authentication          


VaultIC family features FIPS and CC certified tamper resistant secure microcontrollers and embedded firmwares that provide configurable cryptographic services for authentication, data confiden tiality and integrity check.

FIPS (1)
ISO 27001 (1)
White Paper SEAL SQ P25secure Radio White PaperV3 (1)

Secure FIPS certified P25 radio with VaultIC405

Discover how SEALSQ’s specifically engineered version of the VaultIC 405 Secure Element will enable faster time-to-market and lower dev. costs to achieve FIPS 140.2 level 2 and Level 3 security certifications in the design phase of P25 Radios for government or military applications. 


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