WISeID - Personal Identity Solutions

Trusted online interactions can only be achieved when the parties interacting can be sure of the identity of the counterpart, and when the communications can’t be eavesdropped or manipulated.
WISeID is our Digital Identity platform, leveraging our Root of Trust to deliver personal certificates for secure email, document signatures and other security services that facilitate online trust.

20+ years of experience issuing digital identities

WISeID is the new platform to combine traditional Managed PKI for personal certificates and other innovative services to leverage the digital certificate as a personal identity. WISeID and its PKI benefit of a long-standing Webtrust accreditation, obtained after the most rigurous independent audits
Web Trust

Key Benefits

Picto SEAL SQ - Ownership of the private issuing CA



WISeID not only provides a tool to generate digital identities, but also a user portal that enables user to control their accounts and access to added-value services

Picto SEAL SQ - Reduce operational cost and risk

Reduce operational cost and risk

Running a secure PKI requires specialized facilities technology people and processes. Rely on the experts at SEALSQ so you can focus on your core business.

Picto SEAL SQ - Small footprint-1

Pay-as-you-go approach

The WISeID platform can be used with extremely reduced initial costs. Customers can activate services and pay as their number of active users and services grow.

Picto SEAL SQ -  Trusted worldwide & Ensure regulatory compliance

Trusted and ubiquitous identity

WISeID Digital Certificates are trusted by operating systems, browsers, mail applications, PDF viewers and many other applications, ensuring a seamless user experience, thanks to our Webtrust accreditation.


WISeID proposes B2C and B2B solutions

Any individual user can create their account and subscribe to premium services after doing an automated identity validation.
As a corporate B2B service, WISeID can allow the IT admin to access to the administration dashboard to manage users and their digital certificates, bringing a low-cost and effective Managed PKI platform


The "My WISeID" App brings control on your identity to your fingertips

WISeID can be accessed not only through your computer and web browser but also from your smartphone, allowing you easy access to your WISeID account and services, such as easy digital signature of documents, strong authentication and many others 



Key Features

Picto SEAL SQ - Shorter validity of identities

Managed PKI

WISeID brings centralized management of digital certificates, without the hassle or building and maintaining a PKI.
Administrators can easily obtain digital certificates that can be easily installed on the user devices

Picto SEAL SQ - Public cloud integration

Cloud Document Signature

WISeID now grants free access to the WISeSign Service. Any WISeID user with a verified identity can digitally sign PDF documents. 
Our service is included in the Adobe AATL trust list, so signed documents are automatically accepted by Acrobat.

Picto SEAL SQ - Omniprésent copy

Trusted worldwide

WISeKey Root Certification authority is approved by Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Google, Adobe and many others. This removes confusing security alerts and improves the user experience and trust

Picto SEAL SQ - Scalable

Scalable and flexible

WISeID can be used by individual users and by companies or governments needing to manage tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of users.
Our "pay-as-you-go" business model reduces your OPEX to what you really need.

Picto SEAL SQ - Clé ID-2

Single-Sign On services

WISeID implements the OpenID standard and can be used as an Identity Provider accross private and public online services.
The WISeID Credential can be easily integrated to allow advanced control of user's identity, while leveraging our identity validation and other added values.

Picto SEALSQ - Flexible-1

Flexible operational models

SEALSQ  industry-leading PKI is available in either a Managed PKI or On-Premises model. These options allow you to select the PKI solution that best fits your needs for cost effectiveness, security, and control.