Zero Touch Provisioning in the Field

Eliminate manual intervention and automatically configure devices in the field to scale device deployment across any locations.


Provision your devices Over-the-Air

SEALSQ Zero Touch Provisioning provides an out-of-the-box, simple and cost effective way to provision over-the air and securely digital certificates and private key in the device directly in the field, thus significantly minimizing the operational burden and simplifying the supply chain and connection to the IoT platform.

Key Benefits

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Supply Chain

Manage your device manufacturing supply chain without prior knowledge of where the device will ultimately connect.

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The onboarding and registration of the devices are done programmatically and in large quantities, usually separated by manufacturing batches. This simplifies onboarding a large number of devices

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INeS ZTP service is a known and trusted authority that the device can fall back to during factory resets, transfer of device ownership, and decommissioning.

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INeS ZTP may also provide value-add services such as remote attestation, third-party Certificate Authorities

SEALSQ Cloud-based field provisioning

Cloud Based

Cloud-based field provisioning is a good approach for large scale deployments, as it enables cost effective and efficient scaling, even for millions of devices.

With cloud-based field provisioning, the device is given some minimal identity at manufacturing time, but it is not given a complete identity until it is first installed by the end user in the field. This is required if the identity of the device cannot be completely known until it is deployed.

Zero Touch Field Provisioning

Certificate-based identities offer the necessary foundation for a secure zero-touch provisioning with different IoT platforms and cloud services. This is achieved through the enrolment of additional local certificates (LDevID), called also birth certificates attesting device ownership by a customer and using these identities for automatic device provisioning and authentication to the cloud

SEALSQ Zero-Touch Provisioning

Key Features 

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New Device Provisioning at Customer Site

This is the most common use case for Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP). It allows for the automatic provisioning of new devices without any manual intervention.
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New Device Provisioning within Service Provider’s Infrastructure

ZTP can automate the provisioning of network devices within the service provider’s infrastructure, such as cell site routers

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Software Upgrades & Patches

ZTP is often used to streamline the process of deploying software upgrades, patches, and bug fixes.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Deployments

With the growth of IoT, network managers are using zero-touch configuration to manage their deployments at scale. It allows them to configure or modify hundreds or even thousands of devices remotely.

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Fast and Easy Bulk Device Provisioning

IT admins can use zero-touch configuration for fast and easy bulk device provisioning, enrollment, and onboarding.

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Deploy standardized solutions

with certificate based device identities (like iDevID, lDevID from IEEE standard 802.1_AR, certificate standards EST from RC7030, X.509)


SEAL SQ Whitepaper - Digital identity provisioning and zero-touch onboarding for IoT_v1.4

Digital identity provisioning and zero-touch onboarding for IoT

Zero Touch provisioning is an automatic and secure way to onboard devices in any IoT cloud platform that uses X.509 authentication technology.


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