PKI and Provisioning for IoT

At the core of our value proposition is our ability to offer not only secure microcontrollers, but also to securely and conveniently generate, inject and manage a unique and universally trusted digital identity for each connected device


Pubic Key Infrastructure (PKI) services allow to create and assign a unique digital identity to every connected device and manage it throughout its lifecycle.

Loading the identity into the device is called provisioning, and can be performed at different stages: during the secure chip manufacturing, during the device manufacturing itself, or directly in the field


Achieve fast compliance with demanding regulation or industry standards frameworks and ensure the highest security and interoperability level for your products using SEALSQ's Root-of-Trust, Provisioning and PKI Services.

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ISO 27001 (2)
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Chain of Trust - Root Certificate Authority

Public Key Cryptography and Digital Certificates are used to encrypt or digitally sign any information such as communication data or device firmware updates. These processes rely on the concept of “Digital Trust” and “Root of Trust”, as the only way to ensure trusted data is coming from authentic devices, or to safely apply a firmware update.
SEALSQ allows you to use publicly or privately trusted Root Certification Authorities, and adapts the Trust Model to your business needs.

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Discover INeS, SEALSQ's Managed PKI for IoT

Using INeS, SEALSQ's PKI-as-a-Service, you will be able to instantly generate and manage millions of IoT certificates that will identify your devices as part of trusted ecosystems like Matter, enabling security, interoperability and ease of use for end users.


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SEAL SQFactory floor provisioning

Secure Factory Provisioning

Provisioning refers to the injecting of security credentials into a device. Depending on customer need and manufacturing environment, SEALSQ provides various options such as provisioning on chip, provisioning on Printed Circuit Boards or on final Device before shipping.

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Zero Touch Provisioning in the Field (ZTP)

ZTP is an automated process that configures a network device with no user interaction needed beyond physically connecting the device to the network and powering it on. With this service, SEALSQ provides an out-of-the-box, simple and cost effective way to provision over-the air and securely digital certificates and private key in the device directly in the field, thus significantly minimizing the operational burden and simplifying the supply chain and connection to the IoT platform.


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SEAL SQ Whitepaper - Digital identity provisioning and zero-touch onboarding for IoT_v1.4

Digital identity provisioning and zero-touch onboarding for IoT

Zero Touch provisioning is an automatic and secure way to onboard devices in any IoT cloud platform that uses X.509 authentication technology.


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