Chain of Trust - Root Certificate Authority

Public Key Cryptography and Digital Certificates that can be used to encrypt or to digitally sign any information such as communication data or device firmware updates. All these processes rely on the concept of “Digital Trust” and “Root of Trust”, as the only way to ensure that data comes from authentic devices, or to safely apply a firmware update that has not been tampered. SEAL SQ allows you to use publicly or privately trusted Root Certification Authorities, and adapt the Trust Model to your business needs.

20+ years of experience issuing digital identities

Easily scaled, automated, and WebTrust certified for IoT. Whether for public or private trust, SEALSQ Certificate Authority is a critical piece of the PKI ecosystem.

SEALSQ benefits from one of the longest-standing trusted Certification Authority, with more than 15 years of continuous independent compliance audits. Our PKI platform has also been approved to issue trusted identities for the latest IoT standards such as Wi-SUN®, Matter and GSMA.

Web Trust

Key Benefits

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Swiss Based Root-of-Trust

Root-of-Trust operated within Swiss Based proprietary secure servers for sovereignty and neutrality.

Picto SEAL SQ - Reduce operational cost and risk

Reduce operational cost and risk

Running a secure PKI requires specialized facilities, technology, people, and processes. Rely on the experts at SEALSQ so you can focus on your core business.

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Scale at the pace of business

Provision from hundreds to up to millions of device certificates through SEALSQ PKI’s scalable provisioning service.

Picto SEAL SQ -  Trusted worldwide & Ensure regulatory compliance

Trusted worldwide & Ensure regulatory compliance

The SEALSQ CA is WebTrust compliant, ISO:27001 certified, supports compliance with NIST’s IoT device cybersecurity guidelines (NISTIR 8259A), and automatically generates audit-ready reports.

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SEALSQ is a “Product Attestation Authority” (PAA) approved by the Connectivity Standards Alliance for Matter device attestation

This industry–unifying standard is a promise of reliable, secure connectivity. It is a seal of approval that devices will work seamlessly together – today and tomorrow. Matter creates more connections between more objects, simplifies development for manufacturers, and increases compatibility for consumers. 



GSMA Accredited Swiss Based Certificate Authority

SEALSQ meets defined criteria (GSMA PRD SGP.28) and operates GSMA recognised certificate roots for certificate issuance, in line with the GSMA eUICC PKI Certificate Policy, GSMA PRD SGP.14.



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Key Features

Picto SEALSQ -  Trusted worldwide & Ensure regulatory compliance

Security Policy

SEALSQ helps its customers in developing PKI-related policy documents which include Certificate Policy (CP) documents, Certification Practice Statement (CPS) documents, and associated security policies.

Picto SEAL SQ -  Better compliance & control

Better compliance & control

A commercial Private CA offering can help an enterprise reduce risk and aid compliance by following the best practices of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), cryptography, and information technology (IT) security, including tracking and automating the renewal of deployed certificates.

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Trusted worldwide

Issuing billions of cryptographic credentials to leading global electronics device makers and service providers for over twenty years.

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Scalable provisioning

In addition to managing the certificates, organizations must own, build, and maintain the entire CA infrastructure — tasks that require dedicated and specialized staff.

Picto SEALSQ - Ownership of the private issuing CA

Ownership of the private issuing CA

SEALSQ provides customer-branded private CA, with specific platform customer user access to enable real control. The CA owner can issue certificates or delegate the required permissions for issuing certificates.

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Flexible operational models

SEALSQ  industry-leading PKI is available in either a Managed PKI or On-Premises model. These options allow you to select the PKI solution that best fits your needs for cost effectiveness, security, and control.