SEALSQ can now enable companies to quickly and easily get access to MATTER Device Attestation Certificates (DACs) using INeS

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State of the Art Drone Security 

The Parrot ANAFI AI Drone is a State-of-the-art example of end-to-end IoT device security, implemented by SEAL and Parrot. It is the result of more than 20 years hardware security, device provisioning, and PKI experience.


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NASDAQ SEALSQ Rang the Nasdaq Opening Bell on May 26th, and very successfully started to trade under the ticker symbol $LAES

Creus Moreira Carlos Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SEALSQ was joined by other Members of SEALSQ’s Executive Team, Board of Directors, and Guests, for May 26th ceremony...

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SEALSQ will Deliver Digital Certificates to OEMs manufacturing MATTER compliant IoT devices

The service is provided by INeS, the managed “PKI as a Service” platform without the necessity to invest and to deploy any hardware infrastructure. Each manufacturer using the platform can manage the security lifecycle of certificates and devices in their own dedicated, cloud-based application.


SEALSQ  & Inventec Appliances to demonstrate a turnkey IoT Thermostat platform with Matter DAC

The two partners will be showcasing at COMPUTEX fair in Taipei starting May 30th.

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SEAL SQ Expands its North American Footprint with a new Sales & Distribution Agreement



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WISeKey Announces Record Dates, Distribution Dates and Ex-Dividend Dates for Special Dividend-in-Kind and Launch of Tax Solicitation Process



Plan de travail 20-80


WISeKey Announces Final Distribution Ratios for Partial Spin-Off Distribution of SEALSQ shares

WISeKey International Holding approved a special dividend-in-kind in the form of 1,500,300 Ordinary Shares in SEALSQ Corp (“SEALSQ”) distributed to holders of WISeKey’s Class A Shares, Class B Shares and American Depositary Shares (“ADSs”).