Danil Kerimi

Non-Executive Director

Danil Kerimi is an experienced technology and public relations executive with a track record of delivering impactful projects in corporate strategy, national, urban and corporate digital transformation, emerging tech, economic and municipal diplomacy in developed, emerging and frontier markets.

After working with the United Nations Terrorism Prevention Branch and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe shortly after 9/11, Danil joined the World Economic Forum (WEF) during the Global Financial Crisis and over the period of 12 years served on the Leadership Teams in the Centers for Global Industries, Global Technology Governance, Fourth Industrial and Regional Strategies. He was posted in Beijing, Geneva and New York and helped developing the Network for Global Technology Governance. Danil oversaw technology industry helping reorganize the organization toward digital and inclusive economy. He pioneered Forum’s engagement with various communities and networks, created numerous toolkits and projects aimed at increasing boards oversight of various emerging technology and geo-economic issues in public and private companies around the world. He further worked with the Global Councils on AI, A/VR, Anticorruption, Cybersecurity, Geopolitics, Quantum and Space. During the pandemic, together with the former head of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Danil co-founded the Edgelands Institute, helped establish a fellowship for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and advised a number of start-ups (Autobot, USA; D3A Investments, UK; Kidemis, CH; Kindwell, US; Rourke&Gunner, South Africa), corporates (AWS, Deloitte, PWC), governments and international organizations (World Smart and Sustainable Cities Organization, G-20, EU and APEC members).

Danil is often invited as commentator, panelist, moderator or judge of various tech, urban and governance focused competitions including Sultan Qaboos Award and Seoul Smart Cities Prize. He is a Fellow at Arrell Future of Food Institute, Berkman-Klein Center on Internet and Society at Harvard, and currently serves on the board of the Council of the Great Lakes Region.

In 2023, he was elected to serve on the Independent Oversight Committee of the World Intellectual Property Organization, mandated to promote internal controls, review the effectiveness and operational independence of the internal oversight function, and review and advise on the ethics function.

Danil is a graduate of Shandong University (LLB), Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (MA), and various executive courses at Columbia, FT, Harvard, INSEAD, MIT, NUS, Wharton and Witwatersrand. He was a Global Leadership Fellow at the World Economic Forum, Sr. Fellow at Korea Media Governance Lab and FuXi Institute for Digital Economy. He is a JD candidate at the Technical University of Munich and the Bavarian School of Governance.