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Securing an IoT device doesn’t end with giving it a certificate. That’s just the beginning. Security is an on-going process that demands visibility and smart identity controls throughout the device lifecycle.
The Digital Certificate, as the identity of the device and mean to secure its interactions, must be also managed according to the business and operational needs, and therefore a reliable certificate management platform is a key component to ensure the scalability of most IoT projects.

The fundamentals of IoT Security

You develop and manufacture innovative new products. Don’t let poor
security put your brand at risk. Managed PKI INeS ™ makes it easy to implement identity-first security by design — from connected meters to medical devices.

Web Trust
ISO 27001

Key Benefits

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Deliver end-to-end security from chip to cloud, based on a certified Trust Anchor. Manage security independent of device manufacturing and supply chain. Protect the entire device life-cycle, from day one of deployment

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Tailor the options for every type of IoT device roll-out. Support every type of IoT device, from sensor to edge-computing platform. Accelerate time to market with late-stage device configuration in the field

Picto SEAL SQ - Ease of provisioning

Ease of use

Zero-touch onboarding of devices into the cloud. Easy migration to different clouds during the lifetime of the device. Easy management of large fleets of IoT devices

Picto SEAL SQ - Fast time-to-market

Speed to market & scalability

INeS ™ managed PKI solution is much quicker and more cost effective than an in-house model.  There is no need to go through the entire hiring of personnel and set-up of facilities, technology, and processes, in order to be up and running. 

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Authentication that drives Trust

From smart energy grids to intelligent buildings, the cities we live in are improving every day. But the benefits of smart cities can’t be realized unless our security strategies outsmart the threats. With INeS ™, you get a platform to connect and protect your IoT resources , such as Wi-SUN® powered devices.

Consumer IoT products need protection

Home IoT products offer many conveniences, but there are massive amounts of private consumer data being transferred to and from these services. Security demands proper device authentication and data encryption to ensure that all connections are trusted and communications are protected. INeS ™ offers to Matter powered devices such security.

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Key Features 

Picto SEAL SQ - Scalable

Scalable PKI platform

The INeS ™ platform is tailored to issue IoT identities at massive scale from a trusted PKI platform. Whenever you require just a few hundreds of certificates for a pilot implementation, or millions for a real deployment, INeS ™ can cover your needs.

Picto SEAL SQ - APIs and integration

APIs and integration

INeS ™ provides access through secure web interfaces and API, including a powerful REST API and support for standard protocols such as EST or ACME.  INeS ™ easily integrates with cloud services, and IoT platforms such as Azure IoT Hub and Azure DPS, AWS IoT Core, and more, enabling automation of the device registration in such cloud services.

Picto SEAL SQ -  Complete visibility

Complete visibility

Meet compliance requirements and simplify audits with real-time visibility of all certificates and easy-to-generate reports

Picto SEAL SQ -  Automated provisioning

Automated provisioning

Automatically renew and provision certificates to remote devices anywhere, from any public or private CA

Picto SEAL SQ -  Lightweight INeS agent

Lightweight INeS agent

Use a lightweight C# or Python INeS ™ agent to enable on-device identity lifecycle management and automation.

Picto SEAL SQ -  anaged PKI for Factory batch requirements and on-line

Managed PKI for Factory batch requirements and on-line 

Secure batch delivery for offline factories

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Did you know ?

With SEAL SQ Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions called INeS ™, you get exactly what you need to manage keys and certificates and maintain a trustworthy networking environment — all from a trusted partner with more than 20 years of industry expertise.


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