Provisioning Secured Identities

A unique set of simple solutions covering the creation of secure IoT device identities, fostering data access and interaction across devices in a trusted ecosystem


Protecting value

The industry is still grappling with how to secure IoT deployments and how to give devices and services secure identities so they can interact securely. SEALSQ leverages its technology to deliver secure identities to device manufacturers and service providers. Our solutions meet many industries challenges, from industrial companies implementing IoT to their assets medical devices manufacturers which need to protect their patient data from external access

Picto SEALSQ - For any use-case

For any device …

Whatever the type of device you are designing, SEALSQ has a solution leveraging its security expertise and products

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We can adapt to the specific supply chain of your business

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Works from PoC stage to millions of units

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All the tools & support for simple integration and fast time-to-market 

SEAL SQ Secure Device ID ProvisioningThe challenge _   IoT supply chain complexity

The challenge :   IoT supply chain complexity

It is not easy for special facilities to be set up within the factory environment that are accessible to limited personnel to do the key injection. But increasingly, organizations are concerned about untrusted factory environments, especially by third parties in low cost geographies, where not all factory floor workers can be trusted to have access to sensitive keying material.

The Solution : SEALSQ secure Element provisioning (VaultiTrust)

To sidestep these various problems, the best choice for key injection is the Secure Element supplier, because they are the ones best equipped to establish a silicon-based root of trust and can perform key injection as part of a secure manufacturing process. With the combination of  VaultiTrust secure provisioning services, SEALSQl is ideally suited to simplify your supply chain.  

SEAL SQ Secure Device ID ProvisioningThe Solution _ SEAL SQ secure Element provisioning (VaultiTrust)

Key Features & benefits

Picto SEALSQ - Clé ID-1

Flexible credentials generation

Generation of unique Digital identity by SEALSQ  CA & HSM 

Picto SEALSQ - Tamper Resistant (1)

Secure keys injection

Digital Identity, private key and certificate stored in tamper resistant Secure Element under SEALSQ’s CCEAL5+ certified secure production environment.

Picto SEALSQ - Flexible

From generic X509 to customized

SEALSQ  generic one to Wisun & Matter or specific X509

Picto SEAL SQ - Smart Logistics and Production (1)

Smart Logistics and Production

 from low quantity with generic Identity to custom identity with late provisioning on package.

Picto SEAL SQ - Scalable-1

Scalable & Easy to implement

Reduced time-to-market with all the tools & support required from testing to field implementation. The solutions work from PoC stage to millions of devices.

Picto SEAL SQ - Custom adjustment

Custom adjustment

Dedicated project support to offer a personalized solution adapted to the use-case.

SEAL SQ Secure Device ID ProvisioningThe challenge_  Manual provisioning identities in the field

The challenge:  Manual provisioning identities in the field

Deploying IoT devices in a large-scale environment that includes different technologies (NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa, Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi) is becoming a significant challenge. Also the challenge is the cost of people and travel and the effort required to configure each IoT device based on the functionalities of the sensors and actuators. For example, it can take an hour per IoT device to provision the devices in the field. In addition, manual installation is extremely error-prone, where 80 to 90 percent of the downtime is attributed to human error.

The Solution: Making the shift to Zero Touch

The Zero-Touch methodology is currently used in the IoT industry to address many device provisioning challenges. The process is typically applied in the second level (provision) and third level (configure) of IoT device life-cycle management. The main goal is to eliminate the manual provisioning process in a more extensive IoT network deployment by configuring the IoT devices automatically. Zero Touch will generate new business opportunities and revenue.

SEAL SQ Secure Device ID Provisioning The Solution _ Making the shift to Zero Touch

Key Features & benefits

Picto SEAL SQ - Fast time-to-market (1)


Faster time to market using INeS agents and platform. Onboarding becomes much faster than it would have been for a manual installation

Picto SEAL SQ - Ease of provisioning


Reduced complexities through automation for initial zero touch device onboarding

Picto SEALSQ - Open interfaces support-1

Automated certificate lifecycle management

SEALSQ can provide generic X509 but also Wi-SUN, Matter or specific X509 digital certificates

Picto SEAL SQ -   Late commissioning

Late commissioning

Late onboarding allows IoT devices to register at connection time. This reduces the burden of registering the device with an IoT platform at the time of manufacturing

Picto SEAL SQ - Lifecycle management-1

Increased security

Device identity can be updated at regular intervals, avoiding the need for re-provisioning IoT devices

Picto SEAL SQ - Comprehensive toolbox

Hardware flexibility

Designed to be hardware-agnostic and work with any microcontroller or computer processor

SEAL SQ Whitepaper - Digital identity provisioning and zero-touch onboarding for IoT_v1.4

Digital identity provisioning and zero-touch onboarding for IoT

In this paper we address the benefits to implement Zero Touch provisioning in IoT.

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