The VaultIC18x series consists of two ready-to-use tamper resistant semiconductors specially designed for the authentication of accessories, such as batteries, printer cartridges or medical sensors.


Security-by-Design for a trusted connected world

Picto SEAL SQ - Ready-to-use


Enable state of the art authentication in an easy and cost effective way: VaultIC18x delivers all the required cryptography and keys in a ready to-use module.

Picto SEAL SQ - Zero-Trust


Ideal for zero trust environment as it can be pre provisioned with a unique digital identity and birth certificate in our secure production facilities

Picto SEAL SQ - Small footprint

Small footprint

VaultIC18x helps optimize your PCB size with its small package, reduced number of connections and limited number of external components.

Picto SEAL SQ - Focus on your dedication

Usage tracking

VaultIC18x includes one-way counters to allow the system to track usage of the accessory, for instance the cartridge

Bloc Diagram VaultIC18X

The VaultIC18x software architecture-1

Technical Features

  • One-Wire Interface (VaultIC186)
  • I2C (VaultIC183)
Cryptographic Services:
  • Digital signature (ECDSA) up to 283 bits
  • Strong Mutual Authentication based on ECDSA
  • Random Number Generation
  • Secure 32-bit counters
Certifications / Standards:
  • Hardware: EAL5+ ready
  • ECDSA: FIPS 186-4
  • ECC Parameters: NIST SP 800-186
Hardware Platform:
  • Hardware 16-bit Public Key Crypto Accelerator
  • Power consumption: 64µA in standby mode and 3 to 5mA during CPU-intensive operations
  • Operating temperature : -40°C to +105°C
  • Operating range: 1.62V to 5.5V
  • I²C for VaultIC183, One-Wire-Interface for VaultIC186
  • DFN-6 (RoHS compliant) 2mm x 3mm
White Paper SEAL SQ BatterySEAL solution

Removable battery authentication with VaultIC186

“Battery SEAL” is an innovative method to protect brands and their customers from the risks arising from the use of compatible batteries in original devices…


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